Monday, May 5, 2008

We are our home. We are the moment we live. We are here, all of us. Nothing of the future is here. We are us now. Who we are now is who we become in an instant. Within this breath is the expression of life we have chosen to be and live. Who is within this breath? It is us. We are this very breath. This very moment. We all change within one being's change. Are we anticpation? Are we need? Are we desire? Are we lack of? Are we overfull? Are we fear? Are we questioning?
Are we bewilderment? Are we loss? Are we searching? Are we full of love? Are we loneliness? Are we preparation? Are we insecurity? Are we oppression? Are we higher? Are we hiding? Are we anything but here? Are we anything but us? Is there anything that can be done to escape us? Is there anything that can be done to escape here? We are what we be. Live us. Breathe us.

Later today...
I've been watching my thoughts come up. It is almost comical how predictable the mind is. Continually producing thoughts of things like how I will act in the future to execute a perfect plan to act impeccably. Then it flashes back to a past event that I had executed perfectly. A constant attempt at gaining my attention. How to act perfectly later......then how perfectly I acted once....Then if that doesn't work it goes to not to act later.....then how I messed up once....Of course the result is the same in all cases, which is participation in its game. Play with me, play with me. It's fun to live in the mind it says. You don't have to be here, it's boring here. The world I can manufacture for you is much more exciting. Fantasies and all sorts of thoughts to get out of the boring moment. Anything is better than here it says. Information and all sorts of cool new ways of thinking. There are infinite ways of thinking it says. It's not necessary to be yourself in the mind, it says. Fascinating images and ideas exist. Your situation sucks it says. It can always be better it says. There is no limit to how great you can become. Follow me and I'll show you all the knowledge that will keep you secure. I will put you in this box where nothing can hurt you. All that must be done is to hang on to this piece of knowledge and you will eventually know the mysteries of the universe. Then when you have become learned, you will have power to change the world for the better. But until then you must prepare yourself. Preparation for the future is how to live, because you need to be ready for when the time comes. Here's some fear,; it'll keep you out of danger. Here's some anxiety; it'll keep you moving toward something better, since you now know that your life is boring and you must succeed to become something, so that you can leave this life behind. Then you'll be worth something. Who you are is nothing special, but after you've followed my agenda, you'll be great, and the world will marvel at your intelligence, genius, and goodness that you have acquired. You too will feel good to have had a purpose. Just being here serves no purpose. Do you just want to go through life with out leaving a legacy behind? Of course not. People won't remember you and your life will be a waste. Here are some ideas as to who you could become..maybe you could work with children and be a loving person, then everybody will remember you as being loving. Or you could be an artist of some sort or maybe a scientist, or somebody rich or famous. Because unless you stand out as somebody special, you'll only be you. Wouldn't you rather be someone else? Someone prettier or smarter or healthier, or more loving, or more productive or richer? Of course you would. Sure I can show you how to succeed. You cannot be satisfied by just being you. Maybe just a little better than you and you can be happy then. Not yet though, remember you are nothing special yet. just want to be you?'s a method to find you. You really have no idea who you are. It is really very hard to become you. It can take an entire lifetime of suppression and sacrafice of yourself. But it will be worth it. Toil, toil, toil. Yep that is what must be done. Lots of doing unenjoyable processes. Then you will have finally mastered it. Then you can be an elite elder and pass on your knowledge to the next generation. You will find much fulfillment in the great things that you will accomplish and the lives that you will change for the better. Here's a little insight as to who you build upon that little by little until you will have built a mountain of knowledge of yourself, then you will have finally arrived and it is paradise once you arrive. No need to pay attention to here. Here's some motivation to keep you moving. Don't stop though. Just keep moving toward this goal and eventually you'll get there. You must fight the temptation within you though, to become a realised being. Suppress the anger. Suppress the fear. Pray often to a higher power, because this will gain you salvation. Lots and lots of praying to something higher than yourself. You are weak and only through putting your trust in something higher will you gain any sort of peace. Just trust in this higher power. You must have faith in this power. Faith is the key. If you haven't enough faith, nothing can be done. First you must have faith above all. This entails believing in something that cannot be proved. For those that just believe without testing are those that are the greatest of god's children. If you need proof then you are not one of god's favorites. So make the leap. God will hold you above the rest. Yes, special treatment for the best of god's children.
This is the mind.
Deception to the core.

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