Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fear of death, and what exactly is it that I have an opportunity to apply myself as who I would be "content" or "satisfied" in that I am standing as myself within awareness that if I die, I stands as life, for life, and of life. Otherwise, I've never actually lived.

Do I allow myself to live and allow others to live as who we actually are? Or do I attempt to quantify infinity? Existence itself?=Its meaningless. There's nothing to measure; it's all here.

We are existence itself. Experiencing itself as itself. That is the point. It is up to us to realize that existence is responsible for existence, and what we allow as ourselves to exist as, within existence.

If we do not realize that we are consuming ourselves, as existence exists, eventually there will be nothing left to consume. That which is of actual substance; depleted, because if I stand for and as 'depletion' as who I am, then something must be depleted.

It is required to stand for and as all that is eternal. That which cannot be depleted. That which is absolutely stable. Not reaching for a higher state, because there exist no "higher". There exist all that exist within existence here. Measurement/judgment is, itself, the only limitation within existence.

What meaning does a measurement within eternity have? Can it have any meaning whatsoever, considering that existence, in its entirety, exist eternally, simultaneously in all directions. It is all indescribable, undefinable, and cannot be understood through and as a definition limited to a description from within a limited vantage point.
Judgment/measurement is delusion.