Monday, May 3, 2010

There is an existing tendency within to allow myself to be led by an idea of what I believe to be a "correct" way of being. Although, there is a "perfect" way of being, it is not limited to what a mind believes it to be.

That is comparing myself to myself: referencing a past idea of myself and applying that knowledge as myself toward the situation, to "know" how to act because I have bound myself to cling to something that does not exist, nor does it apply to here.

Like for instance today, I found myself falling into a habit of doing just that, when I saw Bill today, and I found myself having a need to impress him. I realized I was doing this, but I reacted again to almost make it a point to not fall into holding up a personality.

It was like I faulted myself, instead of just forgiving myself, and flowing into the moment. "Not trying" is the same clinging to the past, of which does not exist. Like saying to myself, "Shit, I fucked up, oh fuck why did I have to go and blow the image that I was building with this guy."

There is a particular way that I wish to be perceived, and that idea is what holds me to the past. It is regretting what I did, instead of just living the consequence, and moving through it, within this moment, anew. I mean how I should act? How could one "know" how to act. That is agreeing to walk in this particular fashion, which is all based upon the past. And IT DOES NOT EXIST, anywhere. Certainly not not here. Only the present is here.

Nor does the future exist, there is only HERE. I have planned far in advance for possible situations, and from a starting point of fearing a memory of the past, so that I can be prepared, so to speak. That makes my "here" somewhere else, and "here" is never actually lived, only prepared for.

It is HERE. That's it. I mean, how could I feel "strange"? I'm already who I am. In relation to what? There is only here, and I am that here. Simplicity. One.

Specifically for me, it has been gaining another's approval. If I do not have another's approval, what can I do, about it? There is only here, and i AM here.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I've been having many excuses come up as to why SRA conflicts with writing in my blog. Because I view it as a "pain in the ass", and it reminds of work or school. It's like a running out of enthusiasm, which indicates that I had moved from a point of energy, and energy fades and is not eternally stable. I have insisted on holding 'something' together. Something that must be continually "reassured" and recalibrated, readjusted, re energized to fit the mold that I have created for myself to live up to. Striving to be "me", instead of realizing that I am already.

The search or striving to become something before one is even aware of what this being here IS within this very moment. Striving cannot last, and is an existence that fades or diminishes, and therefore not eternal.

The belief that there is "something' that must be fed or satisfied in order to remain existing. I am already existing. The question is what do I exist as HERE? Must it be fed in order to remain existing? The fear is that I will not exist unless I am searching for who I am. Yet, I am still here, existing as what it is that I am in and of participation.

If that participation is energetic, then it is temporary, and a mere judgment of what it is that I should or shouldn't be. A ridiculous notion, because the fact is that I AM what I am, and judgment is a meaningless measurement within and as eternity. Who I AM is reality. Eternity existing as itself.

At a basic level, I had decided that 'killing' is a worthwhile experience, for the experience alone. By considering my own interests above the consequences that my actions would inflict upon other beings within existence; and not realizing that I am existence, itself. 'Killing' by self-interest is my vote that existence should exist as what I am promoting existence to be. If it is self-interest, then that is the vote that is cast.

Of course there is a vote as to how existence exists within each and every moment, and that is the ONLY "real" that exists. REAL what? is the question.

Real hiding? Real searching? Real punishing? Real fearing? Real scheming? Real clinging? If it requires energy, then cannot be eternal. That's why movement within indicates that a being (in reality) is existing as a being that cannot stand the test of "time", and therefore, will one day 'not exist'.

Monday, March 8, 2010

According to the Bible, God knows the beginning from the end. Therefore, he knows the ultimate fate of every being within existence, from the very moment that he created each being. So if God is the creator of existence, then he also created his fallen angel, Satan, knowing from the moment that he created him, that he would become the deceiver, and that he would be destined to spend eternity in hell.
That in itself, proves that God is not the benevolent being that he claims to be. This is a being that he created according to God's will.

God doesn't just experiment, God is Omniscient. Therefore, he knows every last detail of every bit of existence instantaneously, constantly, eternally. If there exists a god at all, then God IS existence, itself.
As separate from existence/God, a being cannot direct existence from outside of existence/God. As God/existence, each of us is 'being' according to that in which one participates.

It is a statement of I, as existence, stand for what I stand for HERE. That vote is made within each moment. as reality unfolds as 'the participant' in and as reality. The eternal consequences of each vote is what we represent in which we stand for and as.

One can see the eventual fate of every action and the outflow of each action upon existence, one only has to see self, self-honestly and what it is that "I" stand for; and that means that I am standing for what "I" am here, and that is my vote for what existence IS, and remains as.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fear of death, and what exactly is it that I have an opportunity to apply myself as who I would be "content" or "satisfied" in that I am standing as myself within awareness that if I die, I stands as life, for life, and of life. Otherwise, I've never actually lived.

Do I allow myself to live and allow others to live as who we actually are? Or do I attempt to quantify infinity? Existence itself?=Its meaningless. There's nothing to measure; it's all here.

We are existence itself. Experiencing itself as itself. That is the point. It is up to us to realize that existence is responsible for existence, and what we allow as ourselves to exist as, within existence.

If we do not realize that we are consuming ourselves, as existence exists, eventually there will be nothing left to consume. That which is of actual substance; depleted, because if I stand for and as 'depletion' as who I am, then something must be depleted.

It is required to stand for and as all that is eternal. That which cannot be depleted. That which is absolutely stable. Not reaching for a higher state, because there exist no "higher". There exist all that exist within existence here. Measurement/judgment is, itself, the only limitation within existence.

What meaning does a measurement within eternity have? Can it have any meaning whatsoever, considering that existence, in its entirety, exist eternally, simultaneously in all directions. It is all indescribable, undefinable, and cannot be understood through and as a definition limited to a description from within a limited vantage point.
Judgment/measurement is delusion.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Everybody "knows" what the truth is. It is all here as the physical. For instance, when somebody slaps the leg of the person sitting next to him. As that physical, expression, it is an instant experience in which nothing is hidden, and everything is already revealed within the action. It is only when one allows the mind to interpret the action, that we are instantly unaware of what is here. In the forementioned situation, if a being tries to define what the other person "meant" by slapping his leg, then HERE is in the mind (the past), and blinded to what is actually HERE.

What is here? BREATH is here. Who I am breathes here.

I hear it said often, that everybody should be allowed to do anything they want as long as they are not hurting anybody else. I'm quite sure that this has rarely been said by anybody with any awareness of what that statement implies. Because we are, in fact, each other, and that means that in order for that statement to ring true, a being must be self-honest. Otherwise, it is just an empty statement. Because there are consequences to every action, down to the most precise detail, and a being would have to be willing to take into consideration, EVERYTHING that is participated in, and how it affects existence, eternally.

That is called self-responsiblity. Which includes doing whatever it takes to stop ALL abuse from within and without. It is ABSOLUTE dedication to self and existence to expose all self-dishonesty from within each and every being in existence and to stop participating in the dishonesty revealed, immediately. It is obvious that most are not willing to part with the dishonest patterns that a person limits himself to.

I see that when self-dishonesty is dealt with in self-honesty, the reaction is disabled. That same reaction will continue to offer its services, so that I can face the point, until I can be certain that that pattern no longer exists within. So what is required is to stop absolutely. What does that mean? ABSOLUTELY. It means to no longer participate in that reaction, period. It means that a person is no longer creating new patterns of self-dishonesty, and as old patterns and tendencies are dealt with, self-honestly, the dishonest patterns diminish steadily, until there exists only self.

The key is within a self-honest statement. It must be an absolute statement, that I will do whatever it takes. The most difficult part is to actually make that statement, because the mind will suggest that it cannot be done. That is because, me, as the mind, wants to remain existing as the mind, and so making that statement is difficult because I know within that that would mean no compromise.

Although that seems incredibly difficult to do, it is really not so hard if I am honest with myself, because once that statement is made, it becomes a part of me, and in that, it becomes easier and easier to remain honest with who I am. It only takes a moment to make that statement and instantly become unable to return to living within and as self-dishonesty.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Okay, next point, fear of confrontation, where I am concerned with being the definition of a nice guy. The most frustrating thing for me has been trying to get people to hear. So, I see that I am scared of losing relationships, and it just occurred to me that a relationship is based in the past, a definition, attached to a concept of who a person is perceived to be, and in which "he" is defined by the terms of the relationship, itself. Maintaining a relationship, holds both people within a repeating pattern of boundaries, treaties, and mutually accepted self-dishonesty.

Since I feared losing a relationship, I have compromised who I am in order to establish rules, which is an agreement that we will both allow each other to live within specifc limited ways of interacting that allows us both to deceive ourselves, and fortify the enslavement of the other. In that way, we become intertwined within a repeating pattern, and eventually get sick and tired of the living within the boundaries of those limitations and self-abuse. Because the relationship is based upon suppression, before long, someone breaks one of the rules or boundaries that were established. This creates animosity, followed by spite, and voila; a variation of of the same cycle is born.

The initial aim starts as a conquest to enslave another being to me. Of course, I also enslave myself in the process, and because I am so disgusted in myself for not standing as myself , the relationship goes toward the downswing side, and I just want out of the abusive cycle. So then I look for ways out of this cycle, which leads to more abuse in the form of sabotage. Within this mindset, apparently I am getting revenge for taking advantage of my "kindness". While in reality, I started the cycle of abuse upon myself to begin with, by my allowance and agreement of it to begin.

This appears to be the beginning of the end of my relationships. Self-dishonest beings do not wish to be exposed, and self-honest beings expose dishonesty, so resistance in hearing what is actually being said is inevitable.

The relationships I currently have will all fail, because I do not allow limitation of self by participating in the pre-existing pattern, that has been established from the beginning. This will leave leave me with nothing left to lose of a relationship, so that I can establish a new agreement, which is self-honesty in every moment of every breath.

But the relationship only exists within myself, as a defintion in which I am clinging to. The moment I let go of the effort required to maintain a relationship is the moment that the relationship is dead.

It is frustrating for me when I perceive myself to be waiting for a person to see. In my impatience with the natural outflow of events, I find that I become restless, instead of realizing that I am this physical HERE. For some, it will require that the physical conditions become so unbearably uncomfortable, before they will realize that the physical reality is the only issue of any substance. Conditions will have to reach to a level of universal economic collapse, so that the physical suffering is significant enough to be felt by the elites of this world, and an equal money system is agreed upon.

Until we can all agree that the physical is who we are, and that what is allowed within the physical is what we allow ourselves to become, we will all continue to suffer.