Monday, March 8, 2010

According to the Bible, God knows the beginning from the end. Therefore, he knows the ultimate fate of every being within existence, from the very moment that he created each being. So if God is the creator of existence, then he also created his fallen angel, Satan, knowing from the moment that he created him, that he would become the deceiver, and that he would be destined to spend eternity in hell.
That in itself, proves that God is not the benevolent being that he claims to be. This is a being that he created according to God's will.

God doesn't just experiment, God is Omniscient. Therefore, he knows every last detail of every bit of existence instantaneously, constantly, eternally. If there exists a god at all, then God IS existence, itself.
As separate from existence/God, a being cannot direct existence from outside of existence/God. As God/existence, each of us is 'being' according to that in which one participates.

It is a statement of I, as existence, stand for what I stand for HERE. That vote is made within each moment. as reality unfolds as 'the participant' in and as reality. The eternal consequences of each vote is what we represent in which we stand for and as.

One can see the eventual fate of every action and the outflow of each action upon existence, one only has to see self, self-honestly and what it is that "I" stand for; and that means that I am standing for what "I" am here, and that is my vote for what existence IS, and remains as.

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