Tuesday, August 9, 2011

If we are not enjoying our existence, then there is 'something' that must be remedied, we are to come to an agreement that we are all participating in whatever it takes to make that a reality here in this very moment. Every moment.
The things that support those things that allow all beings to enjoy this moment here, eternally. Otherwise, it is only supports abuse of this existence, eternally.
Obviously for existence to enjoy itself, I must be an active participant within that existence, because I am existence.
So I "ask," am i enjoying this moment? If not, then what can I do that would promote enjoyment of this moment? It is possible. So I don't even have to ENTERtain any notions that it cannot be asCERTAINed.
Invariably, only one thing can equal my eternal enjoyment, and that can only be that all beings equally enjoy this moment here.
If it does not promote equal enjoyment of all beings within existence, eternally here, then obviously, it can not be 'enjoyment.' The "fruits" of an act can only bear fruit equal to the source from which it came. So it MUST be nothing except that which is and will always be the source of all beings' enjoyment.
Is it a chore to enjoy oneself? Is trying to enjoy oneself, enjoying oneself? Is searching for more enjoyment, enjoying oneself? No. Of course not, because if one were actually enjoying this moment, then it is already here, and does not have to be sought to be maintained, because it exists as it already. Nor can it be any other thing than the eternal enjoyment of all beings within existence. Which can only start here as that.
That is a unique, yet unlimited existence, and it cannot be acquired. Only lived as this moment. It is not even something that can be talked about because nothing else really could exist but that if it would exist at all. It wouldn't be talked about because there would be literally, NOTHING ELSE but it. Enjoyment.
So it wouldn't be enjoyment anymore, it would simply be existence.
What is enjoyment but SELF. Self-honesty, self-intimacy.
It is the belief that it can be anything other than that that forbids its existence. "I'm trying to enjoy myself" is just an excuse to not allow enjoyment to exist within oneself, as oneself.