Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to do things my way. At the same time, if I am to stand it has to be for myself, as myself.
I'm realizing that desteni has been drawing the proverbial line in the sand. Either you're with us or you're not. Weeding out fence sitters. It's an incredibly difficult thing for me to face on so many levels.
But, in essence, it boils down to ego. Still hanging onto the sense of being my own person and doing things in my own way, because somehow it appears more valuable to me.
There are ways that i can do it "my way" and it also be what is best for all. Because what is real is what originates from who I am within and as each moment. So it is always, "my way," already, and I can not claim that it anyone is responsible for the "way" I am.
To stand for equality for eternally, can only be proven throughout eternity. One moment here.
Ironically, I not actually 'being controlled', I've just been allowing it, because I've been clinging to that as an excuse as to why I do not stand.
I do see, but have pretended that I don't, so that I can continue as this charade. Just plain pretending that another reality exists. The one that I pretend to be real. That who I am is who I've pretended to be, and what I believe is real.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

yes, if one deals with the consequences of one's actions here, then the action and the consequence are one and the same.
what one does here IS the the immediate consequence of one's actions. It is what one becomes, what one allows self to exist as; within existence.
I've certain statements to be crucial information, and I'm now realizing that it really is about who I am here. then it is instantaneously a reality.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Looking at the point of Christianity. The vast majority of christians believe that in order to be a christian, one must believe in the bible, and everything in the bible. But if we have a look at the bible, it is other people telling stories about god and jesus, and what not. None of the central figures actually had any part in authoring what is in the bible.

So the bible is a handful of stories from individual perspectives, and the way that each of them interpret what happened, and the meaning behind what happened. Now, how is that any different than me giving my perspectives on my friend Steve. Can I truly give anyone an accurate description of what Steve stood for and who Steve was without it being tainted with my own subjective observations?

Not any different than the media today. It is all presented as a point of view; interpretation, perception, assumption.

Did Jesus ever say he was God? If he did, from what context was he speaking? If he said, "do unto others as one would have done unto oneself," and lived the words he spoke, then God, in the bible, is not equal to the message of Jesus.

The message of equality; I am You are me. We are equal. IN FACT, all equally god of what is allowed within existence as oneself. If the message is not equality, then it is not Jesus' message.