Friday, January 8, 2010

Everybody "knows" what the truth is. It is all here as the physical. For instance, when somebody slaps the leg of the person sitting next to him. As that physical, expression, it is an instant experience in which nothing is hidden, and everything is already revealed within the action. It is only when one allows the mind to interpret the action, that we are instantly unaware of what is here. In the forementioned situation, if a being tries to define what the other person "meant" by slapping his leg, then HERE is in the mind (the past), and blinded to what is actually HERE.

What is here? BREATH is here. Who I am breathes here.

I hear it said often, that everybody should be allowed to do anything they want as long as they are not hurting anybody else. I'm quite sure that this has rarely been said by anybody with any awareness of what that statement implies. Because we are, in fact, each other, and that means that in order for that statement to ring true, a being must be self-honest. Otherwise, it is just an empty statement. Because there are consequences to every action, down to the most precise detail, and a being would have to be willing to take into consideration, EVERYTHING that is participated in, and how it affects existence, eternally.

That is called self-responsiblity. Which includes doing whatever it takes to stop ALL abuse from within and without. It is ABSOLUTE dedication to self and existence to expose all self-dishonesty from within each and every being in existence and to stop participating in the dishonesty revealed, immediately. It is obvious that most are not willing to part with the dishonest patterns that a person limits himself to.

I see that when self-dishonesty is dealt with in self-honesty, the reaction is disabled. That same reaction will continue to offer its services, so that I can face the point, until I can be certain that that pattern no longer exists within. So what is required is to stop absolutely. What does that mean? ABSOLUTELY. It means to no longer participate in that reaction, period. It means that a person is no longer creating new patterns of self-dishonesty, and as old patterns and tendencies are dealt with, self-honestly, the dishonest patterns diminish steadily, until there exists only self.

The key is within a self-honest statement. It must be an absolute statement, that I will do whatever it takes. The most difficult part is to actually make that statement, because the mind will suggest that it cannot be done. That is because, me, as the mind, wants to remain existing as the mind, and so making that statement is difficult because I know within that that would mean no compromise.

Although that seems incredibly difficult to do, it is really not so hard if I am honest with myself, because once that statement is made, it becomes a part of me, and in that, it becomes easier and easier to remain honest with who I am. It only takes a moment to make that statement and instantly become unable to return to living within and as self-dishonesty.

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