Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Being as I am is being a new being in every moment. Within every moment who I am is essentially who I have come to realise is me. Not necessarily who I know to be me but rather an unveiling or discovery of myself. What I find is new in the sense that I really have not a clue as to who I am until I am that which I am. In other words I find out who I am in the moment that I experience myself being who I am. This is much different than having an image of who I am. Images exist as past manifestations. My life can be likened to that of water. As a newborn, I was free flowing with no limitation as to my movement and flow. But as I began defining myself, the free flowing water became as ice. Solid and predetermined with little variance in my interaction with existence. But as I release the ideas that I once believed to be me, once again I return to the natural state of my free flowing expression. The block of ice is returning to the freedom of expression in any circumstance. Unpredictable, yet constant in my expression as who I am.

What I have realised as most significant is what has actually enslaved mankind. It is what we perceive as lacking in our lives that enslaves us. Let's have a look shall we? Money is an obvious manifestation that people desire more of. We do anything we can do to obtain more money. It holds our attention and keeps us preoccupied in finding new ways to satisfy our hunger. Does anybody ever come to a point in their lives when they say to themselves that they have enough? Not many; this is plain to see. Then there are the things that people have overlooked as the same thing. Things such as love. Does anybody ever say I have enough love in my life? Does the search for more love ever cease? Not too often. Peace? Same story. This can be illustrated in everything we feel we lack. These things have enslaved man from the start. there aren't too many people that feel like they need more evil, or sickness. or death. Yes there are a few at the upper end of power spectrum that understand that producing more evil and more poverty produces the positive end of the stick for themselves. This is a simple mathematical equation that has been used to keep certain elite in power. This is still enslavement as they have enslaved themselves to continue to want even more and more. This is where self honesty plays a crucial role in determining whether or not we are enslaved by those things that we have decided that we haven't enough. I have realised that mostly my entire life has been about obtaining those things that I have believed I lack. Not enough friends, not enough attention, sex, drugs, happiness, freedom, justice, comfort, fun, understanding, fame, beauty, time, knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, and possibly infinte manifestations of the mind hold our attention and turn the free flowing water into that of ice. Bound and rigid, trapped by our desire to hang on to the illusion of scarcity. Even life itself has enslaved us. For we have no choice in this matter. We cannot choose to not be life. We cannot choose not to exist. In a very real sense, the only freedom is knowing that we are enslaved and that there is no escaping who we are. There is no where to run and hide, because no matter where we go or what we do, we are still life and are bound to life. Life persists as life as life directs life to remain life. Can one decide to not breathe? It becomes this simple. We are who we are through and through. We are life. We are existence. As we choose to forsake that which we have defined as us, including that which we have defined as life, we amalgamate as the enitrety of existence.

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