Monday, May 19, 2008

Being here. This is all of existence. The experience of all of existence exists here. What I currently experience is here. Things of the past or what I choose to focus my attention upon is brought here by me. Do I mean to say ignore what exists? Not at all. But how we act here is the entire experience of existence in its entirety. What problems do I face here? Remembering the problems of yesterday does nothing to increase your ability to deal with a similar situation. Do the problems of yesterday still exist here? In choosing to see the problems of yesterday here, the choice is made to carry those problems here. If you had dealt poorly with those problems yesterday. Then leave your dealings yesterday with the problems of yesterday. What is here? The problems of yesterday do nothing to assist you in dealing with the problems here. Feeling bad about the way you acted yesterday to a particular problem only creates feeling bad here. It does nothing to better equip you with the dealings of here. This is only hanging on to the knowledge of the past. To hang on to a concept of what you must do the next time somebody does something similar, only locks you into a program. Memories keep us enslaved. What is here? Where does yesterday exist here? Clinging to a memory of who you think somebody is only traps you into reacting a certain way toward this person. this is also what we do to ourselves. The memory of who we think we are only traps us into acting as who who think we are. We have spent our entire lives trying to define ourselves. This defining of ourselves turns us into machines. We act in a certain fashion to uphold that in which we have decided is desireable traits and have clung to that idea of ourselves. This locks us in to a particular way of being. No longer are we free to express ourselves as the expression of life, but only that in which we have allowed ourselves to believe is who we are. Enslaved by ourselves, because we have believed that predictablility keeps us safe from the unknown. We have reduced our lives of infinite expression to that of a cog in a clock. Our movement predetermined by the machine that we have called ourselves. Yes and we go out of our way to prove our point to the world. If you do so and so, I do this. Because I know exactly who I am, so take heed and know that I will never change. So you must also become predictable when in my presence, because I act only a certain way, because I have a personality. I am unique. I have spent my entire life defining myself and have become quite proud of who I have become, so don't do anything to change that. These are my boundaries. Do not cross them. You stay within your boundaries and I stay within mine and we can all be blissfully predictable.

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