Sunday, November 9, 2008

So this program, which is me, runs continuously. It is what I have accepted as myself to exist as here. Any movement within is a program that has been installed through my acceptance of it being installed. If this movement or program is acted upon then I have become the program, and each program that has been installed continues to upgrade to a newer version.
There are ideas of myself that keep me existing as the program of ideas. For example, to judge myself as either nice or mean because of something I do is a program, and it gets me to make a move from the starting point of judgment of what my programming consists. In my case, my programming has moved toward an image of being nice, so that program has been running in order for me to seek out the definition of "nice" and manufacture myself as that image of niceness. This nice image is connected to another program that seeks relationships to reinforce my image of being a nice person. The relationships we seek are nothing but a program that seeks to turn self into the ultimate image that one has believed is the ultimate self. The idea of the ultimate is a changing idea, thus what one seeks is uncertain and always just out of reach.
We are already the ultimate product of our programming, and we have gotten here by the programs that we have existed within and as. So if ideas are programs, and I exist as a program then it is to program ideas out of myself until ideas and concepts no longer exist within. It is not from a starting point of who I think I should or shouldn't be, but from who I am here. Because it is who I am here that is not a concept or program, but an actual manifested being.

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