Thursday, November 20, 2008

Living as the self honest expression of self as oneness and equality is each and everyones' responsibility to themselves in being self honest. It is either through standing as oneness and equality here, or in manifesting self as the the dishonesties that one has decided to live within and as in order to see the consequences of self dishonesty upon existence. We have not stood as oneness and equality because we have hidden ourselves from the consequences that we create as self dishonesty. It has not affected us directly enough for us to actually care about the dishonesties we continue to live within and as. So we continue to choose our desires over oneness and equality.

Within choosing self dishonesty, we manifest ourselves as the suffering of the world, so that we may see for ourselves that our desires are manifested as self abuse. Until we have abused ourselves and have suffered extensively enough from the self abuse that we have chosen to create as ourselves, do we finally see. It is when we have had enough self abuse that we will finally say no more do I accept myself as self abuse, and a stand for and as oneness and equality becomes inevitable.

It is our own choice here that decides which path will be taken. Do we choose oneness and equality here, or do we choose to manifest self abuse until we finally see?

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