Wednesday, November 12, 2008

For me to be a part of desteni has largely been for my own accomplishment. It is what I had seen as "the truth", and one of my greatest desires has been to know the truth of all things. Not for the sake of being one and equal with everyone, but rather to elevate myself into "the know" for my own well being, and sense of bliss. Other points such as feeling a sense of accomplishment and or being a key figure in the history of man also was much of my motivation. Oneness and equality was just an idea that cloaked my intentions of self gain. Image, ego, and comfort being the primary forces involved.
Nonetheless, it is who I am here that counts in every moment of every breath. It has taken me quite a journey to realise that it is not possible to go in and out of self honesty and somehow become the living, breathing, physically manifested expression of self honesty. But an unwavering dedication to myself to live self honesty in every moment of every breath into eternity. Then comes a point of no return in which all that one is is self, in which self dishonesty is no longer an option, because it longer exists within.
Still it is who I am here; this moment that determines the nature of my unfoldment. It is who I am here that is the microcosym of myself eternally.

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