Sunday, November 23, 2008

To remain here as the self honest expression of who I am, I am bombarded with thoughts and distractions. Security presents itself as of utmost importance. The fear that if I don't think and don't make sure that I am doing and being the "right" thing is at the forefront, and presents me with security "problems". This figuring and deciphering myself has been so thoroughly placed as myself, that I often engage in this habit without even being aware that I am supporting myself to exist as and through ideas of myself.

I am not an idea. I am here as the physical manifestation and expression that I have become. To be aware of myself here transcends definition. I am the physically manifested statement that I have allowed myself to become. It is within the parameters of my own beliefs that I have become so extremely limited by the beliefs onto which I hold.

It is within remaining here without defining myself or the experience within the experience. I am merely here. That includes everything and I become awareness of what is here.

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