Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I have accepted and allowed programs to run as myself within each moment of breath. The programs that run are the programs that continue to run into the future. So those programs in which I participate are those that I have accepted and allowed to remain within.

Maybe that sounds confusing....uh....For instance, if there is a desire within for sex, it is there because I have allowed that program to be installed by my participation in that program.
Periodically that program will flash on the screen in a pop up window and say:
"desire for sex? please click the option you'd like to be carried out."
Then there will be a list of options like :
"Masturbate-call girlfriend-go to bar-fantasize-remind me later."
So no matter what line of action is taken from this desire, it will still be from the starting point of this program directing me.
We've become the programs in which we have participated.
Run program "breathe".
Run program "self-forgiveness"
Run program "self honesty"

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