Saturday, November 22, 2008

I am faced with programming my mind to self honesty. How is this done? My thoughts are beliefs that I have of the world, and these beliefs are what bind me to the experience that I have of myself.They limit me to the belief system that I have placed within. Therefore nothing but the belief system and the consequences of that belief system in which I participate can ever manifest here.

The world today exists as it does, because we have made it so, through our own interpretation of reality. It is the experience of myself here that is the origin of creation. If I believe something to be true, then I have already made it so through my own belief. It is the limitation that I have placed upon myself. To discard my beliefs is to discard limitation.

It is to remain here without conclusions or interpretations of what is here. The experience itself is already absolute, with no need for understanding. Understanding takes place during the experience of oneself experiencing self here without explanation.

From a baby, we knew no limitation. But to connect with the human beings in this world, we were forced to comply with the views and beliefs that had been chosen by those that had gone before us. They had chosen to live within a set of beliefs and parameters, and have called it reality. We were taught to believe as they do, and to limit our experience to that in which they have believed to be absolute, but as it turns out, it is accepted self-inflicted limitation.

If I am to feel anxious then that is my own acceptance of myself to exist as such. I am why. I am the cause of my experience. Interpretting what is seen only limits what is seen to exist as an explanation of what is seen. I feel anxious because I allow myself to feel anxious. To look for reasons as to why I feel anxious is to disregard myself here, and seeks out comfort in reason.

The physical is absolute. It exists here. Who I exist as physically here is absolute and cannot be questioned. It is the I am. Within awareness of I am, illusion does not exist. It is an absolute statement of hereness with no room for interpretation, judgments or opinions.

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