Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Beliefs are barriers. Everyone with a belief, thinks their belief is the real truth. Beliefs have nothing to do with what is absolute. But rather all about a decision to live within a certain set of rules and remain within these cycles endlessly. Within this belief system there is not any avenue available to go beyond the barriers within that belief system. It is a closed loop, and remains so for as long as one continues to live through and as the belief system adopted. The belief system does not include seeing itself, because it is placed to maintain and upgrade itself to remain within and as the being that has lived through and as the belief.

As realisations are made, to allow these realisations to pass without hanging onto them in an attempt at turning the realisation into knowledge can be a real challenge. It is a fresh moment here that is real. Who one is within this moment is the only matter. Self trust is never called upon by hanging onto knowledge. It is fear of the future that causes us to listen to the mind's logic and go back to a past realisation of ourselves and bring that knowledge to the present. This strips us of any realisation of ourselves here. Because in bringing forth a memory to deal with this new moment, we choose "security" of the past, which is based upon fear of the future and lack of self trust here.

It is remaining here that exercises our self trust, and the only way that self trust can ever be realised as that in which we are. All other practices keep us enslaved to our minds. What we have defined as "security" is the post to which we have kept ourselves tethered; because we have believed that something other than self is required to remain here. Enslavement has become our security because we have no self trust that without being tethered to some belief, that we would have no basis and would lose ourselves.

The resistance that exists to simply remaining here within awareness of breath is lack of self trust. Because we want reassurance that we are living "correctly." This summons the mind to step in and take control. It is the belief that if we could first consult the reasoning mind to gauge ourselves to be absolutely sure that we can just breathe without any unseen consequences, then it would finally be okay to do so. Of course, this is practice in self suppression, since self is not the starting point of this situation, but self-distrust instead is called upon to be the director.

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