Saturday, November 15, 2008

These ideas that we get from the mind are nothing but something we have allowed as our own beliefs to exist. It limits us to that in which we believe. If we believe we are too weak, then we manifest ourselves as "too weak". If we believe ourselves to be not able to stand, then that is manifested as ourselves. If we believe the mind is too powerful for us to stop it, it is because we have allowed that belief to exist.

It is common sense to see that when we believe in something, it places us within a condition that the mind has set up for us to live within and as. As an example I will use the example of the belief of being in a hole:

I am in a hole and need to find a way out: this is the belief system that has been set up.

There are various ideas on how to get out of this hole, and it has been said by many people before us that we must find a way to get out. There are stories of many people getting close. And even I, myself have felt very close to the rim, only to end up falling just I had reached what I had believed was the highest I had ever gotten.
But all of this attainment is nothing but an idea of elevation gain. By what others have told us and our experience of, when we get close to the rim, an overall sense of well being, which as it turns out is also just an idea of what we believe well being is.

All the while we have not realised that our idea that there is a way out is just an illusion and a belief that has been passed down from generation to generation.
The reality is that it appears as if there is a way out, but we have never considered that there is no way out and that it is not even a hole to begin with, but rather a cone that stretches into infinity, with one possible outcome. Which is, of course, that there is no way out, and what we have believed and based our enitre existence upon is an idea of freedom from that in which there is no possibility for escape, and we are stuck here.

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