Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This robot works well alone, and as people come to recognise him, his programming gets haywired, and no longer knows how to behave. If it is something that others enjoy, then he feels obligated to become the source of their enjoyment. And yet when he is not recognised by others, his efforts are toward doing something that stands out from the rest, so that he may feel some self worth, by others' oohs and ahhs.

I've realised these things about myself, especially the alone part. It is as if I've been set up to remain on the fringe of society. A position that I have never come to embrace. It suited me well in my teenage years as a saboteur of social functions, but even then I sought notoriety.
So from this position of "just under the radar", how may I assist from this point as oneness and equality?

I've found that no matter what it is that I do, that I will never gain anybody's acceptance from something I do or don't do because it is the being within that is of the only importance. In my case the being within has been of trying to gain acceptance through a doing of something. To attempt to define myself by an activity, and have completely disregarded the being within. So in this I have not been here to even have any chance at acceptance, because the being has been non-existent.

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