Friday, April 18, 2008

So in participating in the thoughts of the mind, I participate in the continued enslavement of myself and of humankind alike. All that I believed life to be. Every definition of life as I have come to know as life does not support life but only enslavement. So in this realisation, I now stand as LIFE as me for all as one as equal. Breath as life. HERE as the expression of who I am as all as one. I renounce all thoughts, feelings and emotions that have enslaved all of humanity as myself and refuse to let these placements direct me into volunteered slavery. No goals or places to be or even things to realise, only ME in self honesty as the expression of who I am. Me moving me. Yes. (Whoa, shit! I almost got emotional there for a second. ) So many things read and studied about enlightenment and self realisation, but still nothing but knowledge. I assist and support me as me as expression, as life supports me as the expression of life and of life. Because we are one and the same. WE ARE ONE. Okay, so the process begins and there in the dedication to myself as all as one as equal begins. Hehehe.

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