Saturday, April 26, 2008

It is utter simplicity. What one experiences is what one allows oneself to experience. Only that in which we focus our attention bccomes the experience of who we are. That which we allow ourselves to be directed by is how we experience ourself. We are infinitely here. One only needs to realise this. Focus here in every moment. Do I waver from the awareness of myself? Know that we are what we cxperience. Only be aware of the self in every moment. Be aware in each moment what is experienced and know that we are the cause of each experience of ourselves. HERE. Nothing that we will be or will become or what we will do, but only who we are. It is that simple. There is only me in every moment. Am I trying to realise something? NO. I am only here. Am I trying to accomplish something? NO. I am only here. Must I do something? NO. I am only here. Is there anything thing I need to be here? Of course not. I am already here and nothing else is needed. Ask yourself only how do I wish to be while I am here. Do I wish to yearn? Do I wish to hope? Do I wish to figure? Do I wish to strive? Do I wish to struggle? Do I wish to achieve? Do I wish to feel obligated? Do I wish to worry? Do I wish to fear? Do I wish to want? Do I wish to keep a positive outlook? Do I wish to judge? Do I wish to be nervous? Do I wish to feel anxious? Do I wish to be prove myself? Do I wish to feel inadequate? Do I wish to feel oppressed? Do I wish to fear the outcome? These are some of the things that we choose to allow our awareness to be focussed upon, and they are all continuous conditions that if yielded to for even a moment, will perpetuate unsatisfied. This is only because we choose not to be aware of I. There is only I. Only me. Only here. Only now. Everything else is irrelevant and of illusion and deception. Only the undivided attention of self awareness is LIFE.
Anything else is of the mind, placed there only to distract from the awareness that I AM HERE in this breath. The mind is perputually ready to take charge of one's awareness that it may run. If this mind is allowed even the slightest lapse of awareness of self, it becomes an inferno of deception and distractions. Never is the mind satisfied, and it will compound into confusion and loss of self if it is not stopped immediately. I, therefore choose only between being I or being mind. Between life or a mechanism. Between reality or deception in every moment.

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