Saturday, April 19, 2008

A possible situation in the path being uncovered is a clash with my family's religious beliefs. Now most of them being "christian", I have to ask myself the question: If I see something that they are totally oblivious to, because of their blind faith in what they believe to be God's word, do I interfere with what they think is "right" for their children and themselves? Whew!.....Well....if I am for all of human kind, then honestly, I can only be the honest expression of who I am in every moment, and if this means expressing myself might sway their children away from their church, or their belief system or them; and that because of my "trespass" I would be stripped of the right or priveledge of ever seeing them or their children again...?(I have to ask the hard questions) I would have to stand up for all of humanity as myself for everybody. Even if this might mean never setting eyes on them or their children again in this lifetime. For in this singular moment, every moment for eternity is represented. In reality there is no sacrafice or choice to be made, because sacrafice is of separation of the expression of life in every moment of every breath as all as one as equal for eternity. In this, I am the breath of life itself. It might never come to such a situation, but since I feared this situation, I now realise that there is nothing to fear. Because there is no consequence, only self honesty which supports all life in its entirety.

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