Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Because I have been conditioned in this world to be accustomed to certain luxuries, I have become programmed to not care about anything or anyone but myself. From within this perspective, I cannot be effective, because self-interest is my only concern. I am relatively untouched by the horrors that occur, and even when I hear stories and see news of the suffering within this world, it does not noticeably overlap into my world, because I have been separated from it all into my own bubble of awareness in which I have based my actions. My sight has not reached beyond this "I", for everything has been based on this "I's" needs and desires. I am unaware of everything, because I have only allowed my awareness to consist of what has been programmed for me to see.
It all began because of my own willingness in participating in this limited realm of existence, in which I come first, above the rest. This is the nature of thought. Because in my participation in thought, I can only participate in self-interest, because thought is based on a singular perspective; the "I" perspective. As long as I have thoughts, I am limited to the "I" perspective, and no matter how limitless it may seem, it is still limited by the definitions and interpretations that I have accepted as truth. This "I" sees itself as separate, different, special, and is contained within a limited view of its own beliefs. It can only see as far as it has been; the edge of its sight is the edge of its self-concept. So from within this "I" personality, I can never be effective because within it I am limited to a biased view point, in which "I" is central. This "I's" being exists exclusively of and as thought. It is but an imagined self, dependent upon the definitions of itself and the world to remain existing. Just an illusory identity, that requires conflict or desire to exist.
It has been our search for the meaning of life, or God, love, peace, power, money, sex, etc. that this self, otherwise known as mind, receives the energy it needs to exist. When the mind stops, this pseudo-self dissolves, and I, as who really am, remain.

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