Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So to take my last post a step further. As illustrated, if I define myself as a victim of circumstance, in any way whatsoever, then a circumstance will manifest in which I am a victim, as according to my definition of being victimized.

Taking another example; desire. If I desire something; I have stated that I am the manifestation of desire. So in order for me to exist as the desire that I have defined as myself, something must be created for me to desire, because desire cannot exist without an object of desire.

This is allowing an idea that there is something else out there, that can actually be attained, direct me. Because I believe it to be true, my expression will be that of 'something is missing'. In which case, something must manifest that I believe that I am missing , because I have become the expression of 'something is missing', so that apparent situation must certainly exist, as according to my perception, because I have played the role of 'something missing', and thus that situation manifests as myself.

Another example is the idea that, "I've finally made it." This implies that I was not always here, and separate from here. So because I have believed that being here is something that was attained, my expression is that of 'having attained' here or separate from here. Therefore I will experience myself as separated, because I had defined myself as 'having made it', which is a definition of me as separate from what is here. Therefore, if I have defined myself, in any way whatsoever, I have separated myself as something limited and definable, and I am manifested as the embodiment and expression of limitation, limited by the idea or definition that I have placed on myself.

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