Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So we become the manifested demons that we have allowed ourselves to exist as. This makes it simple to see what one has allowed of oneself. It takes brutal self honesty to face what one has allowed and accepted as oneself. If one is even slightly self dishonest, the demon that one refuses to accept as being one and equal to, compounds into a more grotesque being until it is impossible to deny as who one has become. All of the turning away and denying will do nothing but allow the demon to thrive. It is in accepting the demon that one has allowed to exist as self that the process of self forgiveness can be applied to release the demon that exist within and as self. Until one faces all that one has allowed of oneself, this process is useless. Until one sees all that one has allowed of oneself, can this process begin. Self honesty here. What demons do I currently exist as? If I am not clear on the demons within me, they will make it known unto me by expanding within me until I can see them clearly and can no longer hide it from myself. Thus it is inevitable that I will see. It is inevitable that I will release all that exists within me until only self remains. I either choose to realise self here or I am forced to see by all that exists here as me.

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