Monday, August 25, 2008

Do I refuse to see all that I am? Have I not accepted myself as all that I have become within self forgiveness? Is there conflict within that I am attempting to resolve through participation in conflict? I am here as what, I have not a clue. What I exist as, I have not a clue. Good or bad, I don't have a clue. I exist here as all that I am. I am not proud of who I am. I am not happy to be me. I am not sad or do I regret being me. I am just me as I am as that I exist as. To try and define whether or not I'm doing the right thing is an exercise in judgment. Who I am here within self honesty of all that is seen within acceptance and self forgiveness of all that is seen is who exists here. If I look I will not see. For looking is not an instant realisation of what is seen but an effort to draw conclusions that make sense to the mind. It is within acceptance of each and everyone as an expression of all that we've allowed ourselves to be one and equal to within forgiveness of each and everyone as myself for allowing this world to exist as it does. And I forgive this mess of a world that I have participated in bringing about and I forgive all those that have also partcipated as and with me to bring this world into existence. I am equal to all that exists, and therefore I cannot blame me for being me. I have not chosen to be me. I am all that I am and I forgive myself for allowing myself to try and be something or someone other than who exists here.

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