Friday, August 14, 2009

The thought and belief patterns have already been established. Thoughts and beliefs have been constructed from the perspective of "I" as the central figure. "I" will always be the central figure within thoughts. It is within the programming and construction of thoughts, that "I" is always the central figure, the most important, the one to be most concerned with. There is nothing that can be done to change that, because it has already been established that "I" is central. Thoughts are concerned with one thing. Me, me, me. How does the world relate to me? From within a thought, "I" can only be the central interest, because that is the way that every thought has been constructed. Me as the most important, the main agenda. Abuse is accepted within a thought, because all but "I" will be compromised. Fuck the world, as long as "I" remains intact and unchallenged.

This "I" is an idea, constructed thought by thought, definition by definition. It is an imaginary identity. Protection of that identity is the core concern. Because it has been constructed over time, it will not be willing to allow any threat to its survival to exist. The one threat to its survival is self-honesty here. Here, "I" cannot and does not exist, because "I" requires participation of self to allow the definition/identity of "I" to exist within, in lieu of self.

Because the identity, "I" is permitted to exist, self withers away into nothingness, as "I" infests and consumes self entirely. Self was never allowed to exist. Self was taken for granted, and instead of allowing self to expand into life, self was brushed aside and replaced with hopes and dreams of something more. Something better, something more beautiful and wonderful, something beyond. All just an idea. Just an imagination. Unreal. A definition.

Self. Not a definition. Not a belief. A being. Here. Unimaginable. Life. Touchable. Real. Substance. Existence.

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