Monday, August 17, 2009

Eternity in a bubble, with only me. That has serious ramifications. If I exist as abuse in any way whatsoever, then I have eternity to realize that I have only allowed myself to exist as abuse, which as it turns out, abuse of another is self-abuse, because I would exist as abuse as myself. As long as any is allowed to exist as abuse, then we all exist as abuse.

It is quite simple, yet because people realize that if they were to look at themselves honestly, then that might mean that they would have to ditch the belief systems that they have held onto oh so dearly.

I had a discussion today about how I have allowed my idea, of some greater existence, to direct my every move. The guy's name is Jack, and he asked me if I think I am complicating things. He has many ideas that he takes for granted is the truth. So telling him anything is of little use. He waits to speak, and does not listen to that in which I am saying, but rather gauges the validity of what I say according to his own beliefs and preconceptions of truth.

Defending and advocating the belief systems that have been employed by a person is a very, very common reaction. Of course he is 75 years old, and obviously believes that there is nothing that I can say that he, himself hasn't already figured out.

From myself, I see that when someone is not willing to take a look at anything other than what supports their belief, that there awaits an opportunistic frustration that will jump at any chance to take hold of me in order to direct me to continue to allow more breeding of frustration from within. This is an unacceptable reaction, because it only punishes and abuses myself, by looking at a scenario within my mind and defining that situation as better than here. Meanwhile, I will have already taken what is actually here for granted, and instead, imagined a situation that is apparently better, in order to define here as less than optimal. It is a reaction to an imaginary definition of existence here.

Seeing this is of no value in and of itself. Taking action as not allowing a false definition of the circumstance to direct me is the only thing of 'value'. What is here is all that is real. So I breath, and see what is here. Not an interpretation of what is here, nor what could be or might be, because that is living within an imaginary existence. Not self-application, but self-abuse and self-deceit.

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