Sunday, October 19, 2008

To reassure myself that I am a certain type of being, is lack of self trust. In defining myself to be a certain thing, I have closed the door on all that I am. Looking at the future and all of the outcomes that I see as possible, and what I must do in a particular situation implies that I have no self trust that self remains here under all conditions. For if I already trust myself, then no thought would exist as to how I should behave. I would already be the living self trust here as myself.
In fearing that I may do the "wrong" thing, and ultimately choose to "cover all bases" as the mind, I have already forsaken self trust, to allow the comfort of ideas and concepts to take the place of self trust. Thus, self is never present to face what is here, and self trust will never exist. Until self remains here absolutely, under all circumstances, self trust cannot be proved and remains as a mere concept.
In a sense, at this point, not even self trust exists, because self trust is all that remains. At this point only self remains as one and equal with existence.

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