Friday, October 17, 2008

There is a desire to gain a concept or a definition of who I am. An interpretter that needs to explain the situation. It is in need of endless information in order to come to a definable conclusion. To continually gauge "where" I am in this process. I have found that I allow this movement within to move me. It is to be busy with the concerns that arise, so that self remains inactive and unnoticed. This task master has had me following its every whim, and has sparked my interest in it through curiosity and visions of a "higher" quality life experience. This searching for something different or greater has become my great addiction. I see it throughout every aspect of this existence as myself. What I have seen as a negative or non existent has moved me toward to the flip side to apparently gain what I have not. Which manifests me further as all that is lacking, because I have engaged in an activity that demonstrates how one that lacks something exists.

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