Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Those that fear their children's death...We all die, so where does this fear originate? Is it really just their own fear of separation from their children? The emotional bond that many define as love is based upon fear. Fear of loss, fear of emotional turmoil, fear of the future. These things are based upon instability, and teaches their children to also base their lives on nothing of substance. To always pray and do as god would have them do, lest they be cast into outer darkness. All fear based existence. Are we so blind that we cannot see that it is here that we create our existence. If we base our existence here upon fear, then we create a world of fear for us to live in. Who we exist as here is the existence that we manifest for ourselves to live within and as. See self here, because it is as would continue to exist here as long as we are participating as the existence we have chosen to live as here.

Family and friends continue to come up as points that need transcended. Yet I know that I will not be accepted as anything but who they think I am as based upon past images that they have of me. It is understood that we hold onto past events, and relive these moments in our minds in an attempt at defining the world and people of this world. It is to define ourselves as a concept or idea so that we may feel as if we understand something of ourselves. We look at the actions of other beings to define the why of their actions. It is nothing but an effort to explain our own existence here. We believe that knowing why a person does something will help us explain ourselves. Yet when something or someone cannot be defined, our mind jumps to conclusions so that we feel comforted that we still understand something of this existence. It is generally not accepted that everything cannot be explained and defined. Often when beings fail to make sense of something, they will follow an idea of the mind and tell themselves that they understand so that the world in which they have believed in, may still exist as they have believed. Otherwise, the alternative would be to admit that they actually know nothing of this existence. This brings points of fear to the forefront, which is generally avoided at all costs. It is self as self exists here that so many of us have feared seeing. So instead we have listened to the mind's definition of self, not actually seeing self, but choosing deception and illusion so that we may feel in control.

It is only when one is willing to see self here as all that self exists as here that one may see self. In seeing self within and as self honesty, one sees also the existence of all things as they exist here. Not just a mere fabrication of the mind, but seeing as things actually exist here. Each must do this of themselves. It is dedication to self, to no longer base understanding upon past knowledge, but a willingness to see what actually is. It is without judgment, or definitions. Only seeing what is here. There is no need to explain or make sense of it. It is simply accepted as what is here.

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