Thursday, September 11, 2008

In the moments that I have stood as the self honest expression of who I am, I realise from this that I uphold existence as the self honest expression of myself. Which as it turns out, I have never stood here as myself one and equal with existence because I have never stood as all that I am in every moment. Sometimes, I may have been able to actually stand for a moment, but as I was faced with certain circumstances in which I have stood down, existence of me has been created as one who is dependent upon certain circumstances to exist for me to stand as myself. Really, not standing at all, just moving in and out of self honor. To honor self in standing as self is gifting myself with self presence. To want anything else is dishonor to self. It is to say that self does not exist. That what exists is everything except self. Which is self deceit. So it is created that I become one and equal to self deceit, because that is all that I have ever existed as. If anything exists within, other than self honor, then it creates a world of deception, for it is what I have chosen to exist as. I have manifested myself as the god of self deception, and I have created myself to exist as the creator of this world of deception. Nothing but deception. I have never stood as the self honest expression of myself because I have allowed something other than self honor to exist within. Till I exist exclusively of self honesty will I be one and equal to the existence of self as self honesty. This is when only self remains, and self is expressed in and as oneness and equality with existence.

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