Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Seeing the many different ways that people delude themselves can send me off into my mind if I allow that to happen. If I allow that to happen, then I become unaware of what it is that I am doing, and all that I am participating in. The need or desire for people to see how they are deceiving themselves is yet another way that I can be distracted from myself, and instead look toward a construct of the mind as a situation that exists only within my mind, that I have defined as better than here.

I've been totally shielded from self-awareness, because of such pipe dreams. Because within this anticipation of a better world, an anxiousness is allowed to emerge from within, and I become enamored with an idea, and lose sight of what exists here as myself. Certainly, this applies to myself, also, in that I anticipate a better me, and try to bring about this ideological being into existence. Yet, within chasing this imagined better self, that is completely and entirely self-honest, I immediately become a being of wanting, which only proves to remove me from realizing the being which remains here within self-honesty. To be self requires nothing. This simple realization eludes me only because I continue to search for what is already here.

I have believed that my thoughts are reality, and that to let go of my involvement in the thought patterns that emerge, that I will have no reference, nor any way of knowing myself. It is critical to let go of thoughts. However, the letting go is effortless, it is who I am already. This has been the most difficult thing to realize. I have not allowed self to be self alone. Instead, I have attached self to purposes and definitions, because I thought that that would get me closer to the truth. It has only complicated and added baggage that I have believed that I needed to lug around, lest I lose myself. Letting go of everything that can be lost, and self remains eternally. If I cling to anything, it implies that it can be lost, and thus it is only temporary. That which cannot be lost is self, absolutely, unconditionally.

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