Monday, September 28, 2009

When the utmost tragic occurs, in some, what is often brought to the surface is an unconditional giving of oneself, more often than when survival is not at stake. That is what I see anyways, whether this is true, or if it is only my perception is not truly known by me, but what this implies is that the bulk of humanity will not care for each and every being within existence unless the situation becomes so dire and a selflessness is allowed to show from within. In situations such as natural disasters, it is suddenly deemed as acceptable to give all of oneself.

What are some of the reasons that we require a tragedy in order to let ourselves emerge? For one, image is less likely to be allowed within self. The current circumstance becomes the most pressing issue, and instead of an underlying agenda, we realize that in lieu of seeing more suffering, we are suddenly willing to do whatever that is required of us to involve ourselves in whatever way that we can assist in seeing that the suffering be as minimal as possible. In such times, it becomes apparent that we could not possibly face ourselves if we do anything less than what we can.

We are currently in the midst of a tragedy, yet most of us are content to remain unaware of the tragic circumstances in which we live. So instead of offering our support to another, we hold on to our small piece of comfort, and wait for someone else to take responsibility for what we are faced with. We turn away and pretend not to see, because our own comfort is too important to risk losing. We understand that it would take our complete dedication to all beings, and being the self-interested beings that we have become, we are not willing to forsake that in which we believe is our salvation, for another being, lest we lose that in which we believe we must cling.

But if truth be known, in such actions, we have already forsaken ourselves, for something that is only a shadow of who we really are, which is existence entirely, one and equal. We hide from ourselves that we are selfish, and justify our way of life, by reasoning that we have to look out for number ONE, first and foremost. We allow ourselves to remain unaware that we are allowing self-interest to reign supreme within this existence by allowing it to exist within and as ourselves, and through us, selfishness is expressed as ourselves unto the world. Thus through our participation in selfishness, we allow the destruction and suffering of the world and ourselves to continue as the the expression of selfishness as ourselves.

It quite simple, that which is allowed within self is allowed to exist within this world as ourselves. We all have to do our part. It is up to each and everyone of us to stand for all life equally, to not allow self-interest to exist within and as self. The alternative is complete separation of us all, for as long as any self-interest is permitted to remain existing, we will only be able to exist as the separation that we have allowed to exist.

I realize that I am of a handful of beings on earth that realize what has to be done. This does not make me special, but understanding that each of us contribute to this reality by what is allowed to remain existing within each being ; it is my responsibility to end all self-interest within me. Knowing and merely talking about what has to be done is a far cry from actually doing it. The belief structure that we are all separate from one another still exists within and as me, and it is upheld and fed through the thoughts that are allowed. Still, this is only knowledge that I have acquired, and is not something I have yet proven to myself. There is a belief that maybe I have not explored all facets of the mind, and that maybe I should explore further, before I speak of 'hand me down' knowledge. This is one reason that I have not yet stopped all participation within the mind. I have assumed that my beliefs have been true, and in that assumption, I seek to prove my assumption to be true. It is a program existent within me, and it will continue as long as I allow that program to run. In each allowance of it, I allow further exploitation of the mind's agenda.

Are all thoughts self-interest? That is the question that I have not answered for myself. I am told that they are, yet I do not know this for a fact. I can know however, by simply being aware of the starting point of each thought that bides for my participation. I have not really questioned the thoughts that emerge, and the origin of them or their underlying motive. In being self-honest as I am faced with each thought, I can prove to myself the nature of each thought and whether or not there is merit to any thought and if any thought is worth considering. I have not been willing to put each thought to the test; and have been scared to investigate further, for fear of participating within a thought. This fear is invalid, not only because if a thought is within me, then it is me, but also because thoughts do not control me without my permission for them to control me. So here I stand to expose each thought, and the actual motive that lies within. Testing in progress...Results pending...

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