Friday, September 4, 2009

Within expressing self-honestly and how we delude ourselves with dishonest behavior, it may be seen as ideology, and in defense of allowing oneself to remain a dishonest system, will be seen as an impossibility, not because it is impossible, but to give an excuse to why a person is justified in continuing within and as the abuse that is participated in within their lifestyle. Statements such as, "nobody's perfect", is a prime example of justification of what one is currently participating in and as.

It is comforting to think that one is currently living as one should, according to how a holy book says one should live. That belief removes any possibility that a person will see the consequences of their behavior. The belief that a person is who they tell themselves they are, is self-deception defined, because within that definition, a person hides their self from themselves, and chooses to look at their definition and not who they are here. It is tragic that the bulk of humanity currently lives this way, and are not willing to see themselves for who they are out of fear of what they will realize. Every method to protect themselves from exposure to the truth of themselves and the world is employed. Logic and reason is used to create an illusion that they are who they say they are. While in fact, they are nothing but a system of justifications and excuses.

This defense mechanism is so ingrained within individuals, that it is hard to imagine that we will be equal as one in all ways for many years to come. However, if it is true that we have been placed within a bubble, built out of the abuse that we unleash upon ourselves, that this process will be compressed into a few decades. As far as I can see, we will have to experience a living hell within ourselves, and become aware that it has been us that has been responsible for the widespread suffering all along, before anyone really stands and says no more do I allow this abuse within myself to exist.

It is quite ironic that I welcome the hell on earth that will manifest in the years to come. It has been a little difficult to watch people's self-deception and the suffering that it causes, yet I know that this will be necessary for most people before they decide to stop all self-interested behavior. I have often felt guilty about rejoicing in seeing people's lives come crashing down around them, and did not understand why I felt this way. But, now I see. It is not because I wish to see suffering, but because I know that it will take losing everything, before most will decide that enough is enough. Yet, for some, they will cling to their beliefs until the bitter end, when there is absolutely no other option available.

My problem within this has been an anxiousness to see it all unfold. That also is not acceptable, because within that I live for a future event, and toss 'here' out the window, as if it is yesterday's garbage. That is participating in self-abuse and taking self here for granted, exactly the same as what I have just identified within other people. I have not much room to talk, for I have not yet stood myself. It is inevitable, that I will stand, yet it is me that will determine how and when that will be. I can stand. I can remain here. I know it. I only have to prove it to myself within each moment here, within self-honesty and self-forgiveness.

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