Monday, December 8, 2008

There are definitions of each situation within the mind, which selects from within a "multiple choice" of definitions to make sense of the world. It is limited to that in which one has defined the world. For instance, to say that someone is mean, is choosing from within a definition that exists within the mind. Within choosing from this "multiple choice", one only expands one's own definition of what mean is, and reinforces the idea of 'mean' as an idea of reality.

Each idea is connected to another definition of reality.


It is the opportunity for me here to embrace myself as I am here. There is an idea that I might not be noticed if I were to just be myself, without doing something out of the ordinary in order to be noticed. It has been my modus operandi; to step out of my 'ordinary placement' within this world. I have never embraced this situation, because I have longed for others to stand in awe of me. I wanted something more than myself here, and from this desire, became the manifested expression of non-acceptance of myself here.

If I am unnoticed...then I am unnoticed. To desire something else breeds only dissatisfaction and non-acceptance of who I am here. This is true of all desire. It is plain to see that one can never be satisfied by becoming dissatisfied with what is here. It is ridiculously obvious, yet it is rarely ever seen or understood.

If it is understood that, I am that I am, then to allow myself to exist within and as desire or dissatisfaction is truly the epitome of self-abuse.

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