Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I find that my placement within this world is that of the extremely ordinary. This has sent me on mission after mission to prove to the world that I am anything but ordinary. As a small child, I had little interest in what my peers thought of me, but adults' opinion of me, I held in highest regard. From adults, I got praise for the things I did, but from children my age, I was hardly ever noticed. It was from authourity figures that I sought acceptance, because I was able to stand out as something "special".
This desire to be "special" has held my attention, maybe more than any other one thing within this lifetime. From within this starting point I have built my personality as it exists today. This personality is dependent upon others' acceptance of me. I have not realised that, I have searched and searched outside myself for acceptance that does not exist, because it has not existed within. Acceptance is not something that is gained, as I had believed. Acceptance IS.

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