Friday, April 22, 2011

Jack's video "introduction to desteni" gave me a moment of "pause" when he talked about self-honesty. He said that self-honesty, from a mind's standpoint can never deliver one through process, or something to that effect.

I thought I understood that point, but I haven't yet stopped the mind, and yet I've been trying to get to a point of equality as a mind consciousness system. Oblivious, to what I was actually doing. Moving as a mind consciousness system can only perpetuate that system.

Stopping the mind...stop participating in the values, judgments, and assumptions, within this moment here. Remain here. Here is where I reside. See what is here. I am here.

Remaining here, without consciously trying to remain here, because within trying to remain here, knowledge is accessed as something separate from me.

To just let go of knowledge and to actually be here as who I actually am should not require anything whatsoever. Therefore it is not something that can be obtained or taken away, it just is. But knowing this and moving from that point of knowledge is not moving as life, but as knowledge. Something that is fixed and rigid, because behind it all is a clinging to knowledge; knowledge that does not apply to what is here, because what is here is ME.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to use knowledge as my starting point, instead of who I am here.

Just like using a map to navigate, the map is useless until one's location is first established.

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