Saturday, April 30, 2011

getting caught up on changing the world by controlling the circumstance, and not realizing that one is frustrated because one can't make what is impossible possible.

It is impossible to change another or the circumstance. Getting frustrated and fed up with another or the circumstance at hand is allowing others to control who one is. Relinquishing self-control altogether.

it is a stating that I need circumstances need to be exactly as I wish them to be, otherwise I am not happy...satisfied, etc.

It's all just ideals that I have seen are possible, yet will only exist if I exist when things are "perfect." That is a moment that does not exist. What is here exists; common sense. So 'how' am I existing here? Eternally here?

I cannot control the situation, I can only remain true to who I am here. Things are eternally changing, and if I allow any situation change who I am here, then I am actually just nothing at all, because I exist as nothing, standing for nothing.

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