Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The point that comes up is Desteni. Like I've been testing the waters, and haven't decided on getting in, and actually swimming and immersing myself within and as process.

It is within the current relationship in which I have defined, that holds me back. I've been lacking self-trust because I have not stood like I believed I would. From a mind's perspective is born self-deceit.

I've been hesitant to express exactly who I am here because a fear of backlash. I already have the tools available to stand.

There is such a huge resistance to expressing, out of fear of shame and fear of failure.

I must prove to myself that I can be trusted, in whatever way is the most efficient way for that to be real as myself. To walk through this process for myself.

I've found for me that it has been ineffective to first say what my intentions are. Because that often implies that I am in an imaginary future within the mind. Therefore, already failing to live up to the original intention. Like in the case of me trying to walk process, and claiming or implying that now I'm going to really start process with fervor.

To start process implies that I am not already engaged in process.

The things that I have wanted to happen with regards to my relationship with desteni has not played out like the movie in my head. I was looking for something more idealistic than what has been occuring, and this is the background interpretation of reality that has become part of my being.

So there is an underlying disappointment and unsatisfied existence, because I've been completely distracted by the imaginary relationships that I attempt to cultivate and preserve.

One could say that I fear being rejected for not standing as the words I speak. Because, thus far, I have not proved to myself that I can stand or that I even have the will to stand; and that is key to being effective within process.

The key to standing? Stand. Self-trust is inevitable if one keeps standing.

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