Wednesday, July 8, 2009

For a while, I've been watching myself and the ways that I participate in self-image enhancement. What I have noticed lately is that, even my attempt at not participating, has been largely about proving to others that I am not participating in self-image enhancement. Thus, still participating. I've only recently become aware of this, and I find that it is actually much, much simpler to just watch to see if I am participating. That is as far as it needs to go. It is actually not going anywhere, but rather just being aware if and when I involve myself in thoughts of 'how do I appear?'

Also, I find that it is simpler and more direct, to instead of telling myself how I should act, to simply skip that step altogether. It is entirely unnecessary, plus it only breeds confusion and limits myself to rules and constraints that I have inflicted upon myself.

For instance, telling myself that I should not judge people anymore. Well, that act of telling myself such a thing, subjects me to becoming unaware of what I am here participating in, and it is not me directing me, but a self-imposed rule that I have confined myself to.

No baggage. No space for rent here. No vacancy, because I occupy me entirely. No tenants permitted to occupy me. Only me allowed here.

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