Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Using the example of driving a vehicle as something that I know; it is not necessary for me to be conscious that I know how to drive before I know that I know how. It is also not necessary for me to define who I am before I know who I am, because I already know, it is in my being as my being. Thoughts are not necessary. There is who I am, and there is who I believe I am, which is a manufactured imitation or representation of who I am, and requires a process of formulation of a conclusion.
Searching for a conclusion is the first step in thinking, and is not here directly. It is limited to the constraints of time, and only serves to dilute a pure experience to a polluted stream of delusion. A messenger is not needed to explain me to me. I am already here, and that needs no explanation. Nor can it be explained without fabricating a separate reality.

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