Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It is important for me to realize that I am already here. This is the time and place, and I live here and shall remain here. I cannot remain here by believing that there is a better time or place than here. What is here is all that exists and all that will ever exist. I take what is here as myself with complete acceptance of it, and do not participate in definitions and judgments of it.
I see that that in which I am experiencing is a fact of who I am here. So it is not to wish that away, or attempt to rid myself of it, because it cannot be changed by wishing it gone or trying to get away from it, because it is simply me.
What I experience is a testament of that in which I participate, and all will be revealed when I see what is actually here as myself. An absolute acceptance of who I am here is awareness of that in which I participate. If I am here, and I am aware of myself here, then I can direct myself here, and not be directed.
It is unnecessary that I strive to uncover more of me, because I am already uncovered and apparent as who and what I experience myself to be. I am already here, and nothing is hidden, but only revealed in seeing what I see. Self-honesty. Me. Simply me here. A fact. A fact that is revealed. I see what I see, not what I want to look at. If I do not see, then that is a simple fact of my awareness. Looking is not seeing, searching is not finding. Only facts are permitted here, not interpretation.
It is me here, and there is nothing to fear; no reason to fear me.

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