Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We talk of the outcome and how we believe that we must live a certain way in order to achieve a certain outcome. But in living and seeing the world from this perspective we fail to recognize that the outcome is already here. That it moves in reverse. From the outcome, which is already here.

Cause and effect. Or more accurately, effect and cause. Because we have lived the effect of desiring more, from the starting point of what could be here instead of what is actually here, it causes us to live as if we are lacking that in which we believed we have lacked. Not living effectively, but living causally.

It is mind boggling to realize that that in which we have so desperately desired is the actual cause of our perpetual desire that continuously manifests. To live here effectively is to realize that I am the effect of all that I have lived.

To live the effect of oneness and equality, is to be oneness and equality, and brings oneness and equality here. It is not about bringing about oneness and equality by persuading the world to live as such, but to live here as if it already exists here. Otherwise, how could a world in which everything is here for all ever exist if we live as if something else must be achieved? If we all live as if there is something that is lacking, then of course, we create a situation in which something is apparently lacking. Thus the world becomes the expression of lack because we have lived as if there could be more than what actually exists. This is the essence of polarity. All because we have believed that there is more than what already exists here.

The starting point must be absolutely clear that it is here in which existence exists. That I live here because here is where I exist. There is no motive. There is only life here; the expression of who I am here.

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