Monday, February 2, 2009

The origin of me. What originates from within me is all that I am here. It is an absolute expression of who I exist as. To become aware of myself as all that I exist as here and to embrace that and forgive that in which I become aware and be born anew, without ties to that in which I have been. To begin a new life here. To stand as myself as the expression and support of myself and existence as the actual manifestation of all life. To be the actual origin of life in support of all life one and equal to life as myself here.

For all that I am here is all that is created from within myself and within the world. If this self is self-serving and self-interested, then separation is created within and as myself within this world. It is to be willing to stand as myself as life as all one and equal to life as the self-honest expression of myself here. When I am aware that I serve a portion of this existence above another, I stop. I forgive me, and move from here as all that I am within self-honesty. Not for a certain lovely experience of myself or some experience that would serve this being above another. But to serve myself as all one and equal. It is who I am that creates what is here and if this being serves one more than another, then polarity is involved and thus equality of life is compromised because one is deemed more important than another. The reality of me here is what I must be willing to see and face and apply the necessary action that stands for equality and oneness of all beings within existence.

It is a hard pill to swallow that I must give up my own comfort and my accepted way of life for all to realize oneness and equality. Yet it is absolutely necessary in order for this world to become all supporting and all loving of itself. I know, as does everybody know, exactly what one allows to occur within. It is our own allowance of ourselves to compromise existence in order to make this experience of ourselves more enjoyable from within this small scope of experience as myself.

From within what must emanate is that in which supports us all equally in every moment here. This is of utmost importance. To forsake this point of view as myself, and to see the bigger picture as myself as all life within existence. The truth of me. The absolute reality of that which is created here as who I exist as here within each moment of breath as myself. It is me for life, for myself as one being. As one entity. The origin of life here. Unless I am the origin itself, that supports us all equally as one, then I destroy us all, because I am that which exists in support of us all as who I exist as here.

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