Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We all know what we do and why we do it. In my own experience I have found that it has been mostly about proving to others that I am "right" and justified in doing so because I have not wanted to admit that I have been wrong. Yet, if I am truly interested in seeing my influence and responsibility within this world, there would exist no justifications, but only a willingness to see what it is that I actually cause to manifest. Defending my point of view and defending why I do the things I do is an exercise in self-preservation and based on image of how I would like to be seen. In this case reality matters not, and the image is the central matter. The reality in this case is that I would be defending a persona, and disinterested in the actuality of me. It is to drop the defending, and to be here as all that I am. It is to see who I am, and what I cause because of who I have become. I am that in which I see. This does not entail creating more illusion to hide that in which I am or have been.

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