Saturday, January 24, 2009

I have had a mission to spread the message of oneness and equality as the expression of life as all as one as equal, and have gone about it largely by sharing information, but not necessarily expressing myself as the expression of life. This is a ridiculous and fruitless pursuit. I have used the expression that it would be a little like jumping off of a boat into the cold water to explain that the boat is where one should be.
Remaining on a boat is much more effective than merely explaining why. The why and how is already self-evident and explanations are unnecessary. Proof is unnecessary also, because it is also already self-evident.
In this very moment, an anxiousness exists for me to be able to express life as myself to the masses. It is here that I express life. The desire to express is of the mind, because my expression already exists, if I give my expression over to the mind then I have already stepped outside of that expression of myself here. So I express here as who I am here, not as how we should live there, but how I live here.

For me to realise that I am bigger than this individual persona, and that the world in which I live is me. For my actions to support the world as the self-honest expression of me as the expression of me as all as one as equal as life. That is done here within this very breath. It is a letting go of that in which drives me, and letting me be me as all that I am here within every breath. My place in all of this is irrelevant, and concern for where and what I will become is irrelevant. It is here that I am what I am, and that is where I live. All of the knowledge that I have obtained is useless here. But it is what I apply here that actually has any impact on anything. Thoughts about bringing about a better world have no place here. Here within self-honesty in every moment is already the application of the principle of oneness and equality, that allows a new world to be born of life.

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