Monday, October 3, 2011

This occupy wallstreet thing that has been happening is intriguing because, apparently, people are fed up with the system. Fed up, but with no real solution to the problem. "We want change" is the general message, yet there is no specific plan on what must change, or how it must change, or who is supposed to change it.
If people are looking for those in power to change the world, then obviously, they've already admitted that they are powerless to change it themselves, and exist merely at the mercy of those in power. It is easy to complain and protest about the injustices within this world, and point a finger of blame toward those that have been allowed to remain in privileged positions. But whose fault is it really? Because most people would rather not concern themselves with the inner workings of politics, and only squawk when they themselves are undeniably affected by the consequences of such a system to remain in place; the system remains in place.
Even if there is a world wide protest for things to change, and nobody stands and takes the necessary steps to ensure that a new system is implemented, things will remain the same.
The system has always been abusive and exclusive, but the majority of us that can make a difference have accepted it as okay, because we have not been one of the many people that are starving to death.
For us, it has been more of a nuisance, but not worth standing for those that are among the most abused and impoverished, because it is just a nuisance, and apparently it does not affect us that much. So it is accepted, because we are excluded from any real suffering, and complaining and protesting is about as far as any of us are willing to take it.
"Just give me back the shit I used to have, and I'll shut up and allow this system of abuse to continue. Because after all I'm getting what I want out of the deal, so the rest of the world can get fucked for all I care."

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