Sunday, June 29, 2008

So no one has been willing to stand up as themselves as all as one as equal, no matter what. There is always some excuse that we use to not stand up here. We think we need something we have allowed deception to overrule self as the self honest expression of who we are. Our programming is nothing but a program, a finite construct, yet we have excused ourselves of our resposiblity toward ourselves, because of the hardship that is required in standing as all as one as equal. We will do it if it is easy and someone gives us permission, yet when it get even a little tough on one's pretty little world, we have stood down and sold ourselves out as cowards. "I can't do it on my own", we have said to ourselves. "It's too hard." I know this because I am as everyone else in this line of non action. Allowing the horror to continue over something as small as what they will say about me. So we stand down and allow the horror because we are too embarrassed to continue standing. We are to worried about the comforts that we might lose; our social standing, fear of inprisonment, fear of death, fear of the unknown, fear of being ourselves, fear of ourselves.
We want more of everything before we can just stand up. More money, more sex, more love, more acceptance, more understanding, more enlightenment, more support, more assistance. Fuck it all. We need no one but ourselves to be here. So it is time to stand up and remain standing...Fuck anyone that gets in the way of us as one and equal. We want to compromise and keep our attachments to this world, going half way. Hanging on to our current relationships out of fear of resistance of being who we know ourselves to be. The very resistance that keeps us enslaved is the very resistance that is ourself. Embrace it, for it is within embracing that one stands as one and equal with everything that one has allowed oneself to become. What is resisted persists. This conflict within to avoid resistance is our enslavement. There exists no conflict when there is only one voice. One expression. Self forgiveness within self honesty, here, as one and equal to existence.

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