Monday, November 16, 2009

The concept of God is inherently flawed, simply because the idea of God implies that there is within existence, a measure of worth. God being the ultimate definition of greatness. Within that is an expression of 'greater than/less than'. A hierarchy of comparison MUST exist within an existence that includes a separate expression for God. This requires that one being have more importance and clout than another, which means that one being has more power over another being. This would mean that one being's will would override another being's will, according to status.

That is the current expression of existence within this world, which is the direct result of action based upon a belief that God exists as the highest of the high. Within this world, all that is expressed is rank. Within everything we can see it. Beings are not seen as what they are, but only as the rank they carry. This justifies abuse of 'lesser' beings, so that the more important, 'greater beings' can enjoy more perks at the expense of the 'lesser beings'. We all see it happening, yet our beliefs tell us that it is acceptable for 'lesser beings' to be treated a little worse because they are 'lesser' and do not deserve what the 'greater beings' deserve.

God above the rest, I mean, come on now. It's ridiculously obvious that along with the existence of God, that abuse will also exist. If there were a God, certainly he would not allow himself to remain existing as God, because he would realize that the existence of him as God creates abuse within existence. God is an impostor, just a powerless being that has gotten everybody convinced into supporting and allowing him to be God.

It would be comical if it weren't so sad that we have bought into the idea, without question and testing and common sense. Most of it is out of self-preservation, wanting to be one of the lucky ones, while the rest perish. We are made to be concerned with the potential mistreatment of ourselves for eternity, that we are unconcerned with the mistreatment of another, just as long as the abuse does not come our way. Yet, within this self-preservation, it is not realized that we are condoning abuse by turning away and ignoring the facts, because we will apparently be saved, if we just agree with God, and let him abuse as he sees fit. Fear based obedience. So nobody stands up because they're looking after their own asses to care enough about what happens to another, and within that, tacitly express abuse unto us all.

The illusion is that there is another. As if one can suffer without the whole suffering. We are commonly one physical expression. One. That is fact.

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